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windows password hack - Recovery

Windows password reset
windows password hack - Recovery
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, We know most of the people using Windows Operating System in the world. So it might be possible to forget password in this situation we need to go to the Professional Hacker or shopkeeper to reset this password and shopkeeper asking you a huge amount to this work. If you do not want to pay to the shopkeeper then this Tricks must be important to you. Today I tell you How to Reset Your Windows Password in easy ways.

Let’s Start

1. Start your Pc/Laptop and then Press Power button to Direct Switch Off Your Machine and do this steps 2-3 times in your Pc/Laptop.

2. When You do this process your Pc/Laptop its show up "Lunch Startup Repair (Recommended)" just Click on it.

3. Now a process going on a Window open with the name of "Startup Repair" just wait till then stop the process.

4. After that, a Windows appear and ask you "Do you want to restore your computer using system restore? You have to click the CANCEL button.

5. Wait almost 10 minutes then a new window appears when you have to select "view problem details".

6. Then Select offline privacy statement ending with txt file.

7.Now open a new window just go to file then Select Open.

8. Go to windows installation directory i.e, “C” drive and there select Windows and then Systems32 folder.

9. After that a box appear, in this box below having Files and Types then just select a option “All FILES”

10. Now Search CMD file and copy it and paste there in the following name CMD-COPY file.

11. Now Find “sethc” file and rename this file to “sethc1” and press F5 for Refresh window.

12. Find CMD-COPY file and rename it “sethc” and now come out side.

13. Click Cancel button and close/finish all window appear.

14. Now you will see windows starting and stuck on password window just Press Shift key 5 times.

15. You got command prompt then type “net user” and you got administrator name ………….whatever.

16. Again type “net user administrator name *” and press Enter.

17. Now type the password for the user LEAVE it BLANK.

18. Press Enter 2 times and you got command completed successfully.

19. Now close Command prompt and Press Enter in password asking window.

20. Now Your Windows open successfully.


Conclusion: Friends, I know it This is a lenthy process but it save you lots of money to you and your friends and relatives. So you must learned this process and if you got any problem then mail me and comment me. So that I will help you immediately.

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