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How to clear APSC CCE GS (Prelim) - Paper

How to clear APSC CCE GS (Prelim)

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Assam and Northeast India is an integral section of various exams conducted by the APSC. Regular and substantial number of questions from this section is asked in the exams conducted in the APSC as aspirants are expected to be thoroughly aware of their own state.

While the section as a whole seems tedious, proper analysis will help the students see through its pattern and prepare a plan for handling questions from this section.

The maximum number of questions asked in CCE 2018 was from Assam/Northeast with around 23. Out of these, the Literature/Culture portion got the largest share with around 14 questions.

Questions on ‘Ima Keithal’ Hornbill, Cheraw dance, Naam Ghosa, Buranji, Jonaki, Lai Haraoba, Census and two questions on Ankia Nat were asked.

Last year, the focus was on the Culture section as four questions from World Culture/Literature and two questions from Indian Culture were asked.

Difficulty level:

Questions ranged from easy to moderate. A well-prepared candidate could easily answer most of the questions from this section.

Decoding the syllabus:
apsc syllabus
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(Assam/NE based questions)

Geography/Environment: is one of the major topics within the Assam/Northeast segment. Almost every year, on average, four questions are asked from these sections. Topics like National parks, transport, and communication, waterways, ridges, national highway are important.

History: is another important topic. Ahom history, other rulers of Assam, role of Assam in Indian National Movement, history of modern Assam and the neighboring states are crucial topics.

Literature/Culture: A good number of questions are asked every year from this section. Also in 2018, this section attracted the highest number of questions. Some important topics are Historical developments regarding the literature of the region, renowned writers and their books, literary awards and traditional cultures of the local tribes in Northeast India.

Current Affairs: with respect to Assam, includes topics like awards schemes, persons in the news, movies, books, etc.

Polity: Indian Polity, Political system in India.

Economy deals with topics like industries, hydropower plants, oil, petroleum and other minerals, handicrafts, macro-economic statistics, census, and demographic facts etc.

Preparation strategy: How to Prepared for APSC CCE Prelim GS Paper?

1. First, go through the previous years’ (preferably 10 years) question papers thoroughly.

2. Prioritize your preparation based on the importance of the topics. First complete Assam history and literature before targeting the economy, polity, and geography. It will benefit you better because as per previous trends, history and literature carry the highest weightage.

3. Make your own revision notes.

4. Refer to Assam and Northeast maps while studying geography and use photographs while studying culture, wherever available.

Sources: Reference Book

1. A History of Assam by Sir Edward Gait/The History of Assam by P N Dutta

2. A Comprehensive History of Assam by S L Baruah (for the portion on Ahom history)

3. Assam yearbook

4. State Budget and Economic survey

5. Assam Geography by Taher and Ahmed/North East Geography by Taher and Ahmed

6. Read an Assam-based daily newspaper like The Assam Tribune.

Conclusion: Today, Through this article I try to tell you how to prepare for APSC 2019 CCE prelim for GS paper. I think you follow a proper plan then you will definetly successfully crack this examination easily. Hope, this article will help you if any query and suggession then comment me.