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APDCL Exam Answer key | Post Office Cum Field Assistant On 28 April 2019


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Today 28th April 2019 APDCL exam in Assam for the post of OFFICE CUM FIELD ASSISTANT conducted through offline mode. The question paper was moderate.

We know many candidates are keen to know the Right answer to their Examination. For this, many candidates do lots of search on google and asking their friends to match the answer key.

So we felt this answer key would be helpful to our Examinees.
In this post you got the Answer of today examination Paper, Let me know the answer key of today examination.

Remember, This is an unofficial answer key, we collect answer from various source like Google search, Our Intellectual, Experts, etc.

Let’s Start our first question is:

1. What is the full form of RAM?

2. In a flowchart “Arrow” depicts
  • Flow of control

3. Junk e-mail is also called

4. The WWW is :

5. BIOS refers?

6. PARAM was developed by

7. You can use ------- to copy selected text, and--------- to paste it in a document

8. What is e-commerce?
  • Buying and Selling Products and services over the internet.

9. What do you mean by HTML?
  • Hyper Text Markup Language

10. Two Hundred rupees ------ too much for the room.
  • Are/is [both right in different situation]

11. He asked whether such a thing was possible. The direct form of the sentence is:
  • He asked “is such a thing possible?”

12. What does P stand for in ‘PAN’ card?
  • Permanent

13. What is ADHAAR?
  • It is a scheme to issue a unique number to all Indian citizen.

14. Goiter is associated with
  • Thyroid glands

15. Brahma Samaj was founded by

16. In which state hornbill festival is celebrated

17. Karengar Ligiri is a play written by

18. Which of the following cannot be the probability of an event?
  • -1.2

19. Let Sn = 1+2+………+n, then
  • Ans. [B]

20. Consider the number 3n when n is a natural number. Then 3n ends with the digit zero for
  • No value of n

21. Consider the liner 2x – Y = 0 and 4x +3y = 20. Then the only common point of both lines are
  • [2, 4]

22. which of the following pairs of the liner is parallel?
  • X+2y-4 = 0 and 2x+4y-16 = 0

23. Missing Question

24. The tangent PQ at the point P of a circle of radius 6 cm meets a line through the center O at a point Q so that OQ = 12. Then the length of PQ is
  • 6√3

25. Jodu and Madhu are two friends. What is the probability that both will have a different birthday (in a non-leap year)?
  • 364/365

26. The overall age of X and Y is 12 years greater than the overall age of Y and Z. Z is how many decades younger than X?
  • None of these

27. The next letter of the sequence: C, E, G, I, K,………is
  • M

28. Find the odd one out

29. Arrogant is to boastful as cautious is to
  • Careful

30. If in a code WHITE is written as XGJSF, then how is BLACK written in that code?


31. We always see the lightning first before the thundering sound because
  • Light has more velocity than the sound of the sound wave.

32. Find the odd man out:
  • Consumption of tobacco.

33. If in each number, all the three digits are arranged in ascending order, which of the following will be the lowest number?
  • 541.

34. Which of the following statement is the negation of the sentence “No man is a cow”?
  • Every man is a cow

35. Give….. milk in the glass to the boy.
  • [The little]

36. He is liable……… the damage of the properties.
  • [To]

37. Michael lives ……. England.

38. He accused me …….. theft.
  • [of]

39. The ship was bound …….., England.
  • [for]

40. He ran ……..  the road.
  • [across]

41. Opposite of ‘ancient’
  • Modern

42. A teacher….. friendly with the students.
  • [sould be]

43. Shakespeare lived ….. Stratford on Avon …… England.
  • [at, in]

44. What is a motion path in powerpoint?
  • A type of animation entrance effect

45. Which transmission media has the highest transmission speed ina network?

46. Which of the following is used as a primary storage device?

47. ………………. Is technology that allows telephone calls to be made over computer networks like the Internet.

48. A “URL” is a formatted text string used by a web browser, email clients and other software to identify a network resource on the internet. It stands for
  • Uniform Resource Locator

49. A host on the internet finds another host by its

50. …………… are attempts by individuals to obtain confidential information from you by falsifying their identity.

51. One nibble is equal to
  • Four Bits

52. The difference between a virus and a self-replicating program which is like a virus is that rather than creating copies of itself on only one system it propagates through a computer network. What is that called as……….
  • [Worm]

53. A great bath was found at

54. Sarthe Bari is famous for
  • Bell-metal industry

55. The Ahoms entered in ASSAM through
  • Patkai pass

56. Madhya Pradesh shares its border with how many states?
  • [5]

57. Gangotri, Yamunotri, Kedarnath, Badrinath, and Mussoorie lies in which state?

58. Who wrote Harsha Charita?
  • Banbhatta

59. The shape of Ahom coins was
  • Octagonal

60. The best source of Vitamin A is
  • Carrot

61. The stupa of Sanchi was first constructed during the reign of

62. [62, 63, 64 nos questions are missing]

65. There are two classroom A and B. if 5 students are sent from A to B, then the numbers of students in each classroom are the same. If 10 students are sent from B to A, then the numbers of students in A is double the number of students in B. Then the number of students in A is
  • [50]

66. Consider the points A (1, 0), B (4, 0) and C (1, 4). Then the triangle ABC is a
  • Right angled triangle

67. If the sum of the reciprocals of a person A’s ages (in years) 3 years back and 5 years from now is 1/3 Then his present age is
  • [7]

68. Pointing to Pintu, Jintu said to Windy, “ His mother is the only daughter of your father.” How was Windy related to Pintu?

  • Sister

69. What is Krishna's present age if after 10 years his age will be three times of the present age?
  • [5]

70. Some tigers are cats, some cats are horse, all horses are tiger.
Conclusion: 1 Some tigers are cats
2. Some horses are dogs
3. Some tigers are dogs
  • [ans. Only 1 follows]

71. Different fruits are kept in shelves in a fridge. Banana is kept below Guava while Apple is kept above Orange. Grape and apple are below Guava. Pomegranate is above Banana. Which one is on the bottom of the selves?
  • [Banana]

72. If’ football’ is called cricket, ‘cricket’ is called basketball, ‘basketball’ is called ‘badminton’, ‘badminton’ is called volleyball, and ‘volleyball’ is called hockey. Which of the following games is not played using a ball?
  • [Volleyball]

73. In a family, there are six members Atul, Binu, Chintu, Dip, Eliana, and Fom. Atul and Binu are a married couple. The dip is the only son of chintu, who is the brother of Atul. Eliana is the sister of Dip. Binu is the daughter-in-law of Fom. Whose husband has died. How is Eliana related to chintu?

74. In a certain code
1. ‘do mo go po’ means ‘I looked at her’.
2. ‘go cho to po’ means ‘She looked into that’.
3. ‘mo ho jo tra’ means ‘I slipped into leather’.
What is the code for “her”?
  • [ans. ‘do’]

75. She prefers milk ……….. tea.
  • [to]

76. Take care lest you …………
  • [fall]

77. A summon ……… been served on you.
  • [have]

78. Galileo’s telescopic discoveries were his most important contribu ……………. On to science. Choose the correct group of letters.
  • [“ti”]

79. The correctly spelled word is:
  • [Obscene]

80. Even a ………… glance will reveal the mystery.
  • [Cursory]

81. Moth-eaten
  • [ Noun + Verb]

82. Which of the following words is wrongly spelled?
  • [Reverance]

83. Extreme old age when a man behaves like a fool.
  • [Dotage]

84. A network that is connected to the internet, but uses encryption to scramble all the data sent through the internet is called?
[Virtual private Network]

85. The word bandwidth is also used to mean……………. ?
  • [Amount of data transferred]

86. The quotient an remainder of 17, when divided by 6, is
  • [ 2 and 5]

87. HCF of 272 and 148 is
  • [4]

88. Which one of the following is not irrational?
  • [4]

89. The discriminate of the equation 3x2 - 23x+1 = 0 is
  • [0]

90. Probability of an event E + Probability of the event ‘not E’ is
  • [1]

91. For what value of A and B given below sin (A+B) = sin (A)+sin(B)?
  • [A=0°=B]

92. Lakshadweep island situated in which of the following water bodies?
  • [Arabian Sea]

93. One horsepower is equal to
  • [746 watts]

94. To perform which among the following functions, Rajukas were appointed by Asoka?
  • [Judicial Function]

95. Madhavadeva was educated by in school
  • [Mukunda Adhyapaka]

96. Who discovered Lothal?

97. If a digits in the number 75324081 are arranged in descending order, then the difference between second from the right and third from the left is
  • [4]

98. The only planet in the solar system which supports life is
  • [Earth]

99. A girl introduced a boy as the son of the daughter of the father of her uncle. The boy is girls
  • [Brother]

100. choose the word which best expresses the meaning of the word IDENTITY.
  • [Recognise]

I Hope this helpful for many candidates. This post is written for helping purpose to the candidates who were given this exam, This is not the official answer key. we do not claim all the answers are correct for this if you found any wrong answer then comment us on the comment box below for this we would be thankful. do share to your friends so that other people will get benefit of this post.


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  2. I have a doudo on quesques no. 71 because there is clearly described that grape and apple are below guava then how grape on the bottom of the selve?

    1. Many Many Thanks for Reply|

      You are right..I have made correction to 71 nos question. It answer will be "banana".

      if you found any other mistake just feel free to reply.


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