Sunday, June 9, 2019

Cooler Helmet By BluArmor BluSnap2 | Review in Spiinfo

BluArmor BluSnap2 Cooler Helmet 

We bikers know very well that wearing a full-face helmet in summer is a pain in the neck. The heat generated by the sun in the enclosed helmet can be very irritating.

However, it remains an absolute necessity, especially if we are on a very long ride. A year or two ago, there was no solution to this problem, even though the heat was getting into the head. Here comes the solution: BlueSnap2

BluArmor BluSnap2, helmet cooler
Cooler Helmet

The Bengaluru-based BluArmor has found a way to keep you cool during the long rides. Priced at Rs. 2299 online, the BluArmor BluSnap 2 cools and purifies the air and releases the same inside your helmet.

Motorcyclists in India, one of the largest markets in the world for two-wheelers, have to endure excessive heat in summer leading to uncomfortable and sweaty feelings. Now, however, you can keep cool inside your helmet during your commutes and come out on the other side fresh.

Launched a couple of months ago, the BluSnap 2 helmet cooler comprises the main unit, an air filter, an extender, adhesive strip which helps stick the device on to your helmet and a USB charger cable, which helps charge the battery for the fan.

Fixing the BluSnap helmet cooler is very easy. Just snap the air inlet on to the main device put on the helmet mount with the sticking adhesive and simply mount it on the chin of your helmet. Before that, dip the air filter into water and ensure that the battery is charged -- that's all Well there is a button to turn on the face inside the device.

The BluSnap 2 can be fitted to full faced helmets of all sizes. The fan sucks in air from outside, Cools and purified it and sends it into your helmet. So, not only do you breathe fresh air but it also helps you keep cool when riding a two-wheeler in peak summer.

Cooler helmet, BluArmor BluSnap
Cooler Helmet

BluArmor claims that with the device on, the temperature inside the helmet can be 6-15 degree Celsius cooler than the outside temperature. It also works as a defogger.

Weighing just about 270 gm, BluSnap2 Should not put any extra pressure on your neck.
BluArmor also claims that the fan battery lasts about 10 hours in one charge, which can be charged with a micro USB cable.

Protection from pollution and a fresh cooler feeling inside the helmet, for me, outweighs the Rs. 2299 price tag.

I hope you like this post about helmet cooler, This is new technology in this field. You can purchase this product from Flipkart, Amazon sites. This will be very useful product for you in summer.