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How to Move From Blogger to WP - Spiinfo (An Easy Steps)

Move From Blogspot to Wordpress in a Easy way

How to Move From Blogger to WP, blogspot
How to Move From Blogger to WP
Hello, gorgeous ladies and macho men, hope everyone is fine here have you ever got stuck from blogger and want to move on WordPress. well, this article will help you out of this problem.

As we all know that blogger is a free platform to express our views to the world but there are many limitations with this like-poor SEO, less control over blog, fewer options for comments, unprofessional design, less range of templates and widgets, poor customer service and extras…

if you are a newbie then blogger is okay for you, you can learn all the basic concepts of blogging from blogger but if you are in an advanced level then you must go for WordPress.

Wordpress is the platform for bloggers like blogger but its paid and comes with unlimited features. Now I'm going to share some points about why you should go for WordPress.
why you should go for WordPress
as I told you that there are unlimited features in it. these features WordPress best…
  1. Better SEO
  2. Professional Design
  3. Full Control
  4. Easy To Manage
  5. Plugins can do anything for you
  6. Faster Loading.
  7. okay, lets come to the point, how to move from blogger to WordPress, I'm sure you wanna know how to move from blogger to WordPress by reading all the above points.

How to move from blogger to WordPress

before going to the steps I wanna tell you that something you must have to know.
let's see what are the things you should know before sifting your blog to WordPress.

Things you should have before moving to wordpress

  1. Basic knowledge of WordPress
    before moving you must have the basic knowledge of WordPress. at least you should have no problem to manage it.
  2. Hosting
    hosting is the most important thing. without hosting you can't use WordPress. Basically, hosting is a computer for your website. hosting hosts your website and its whole data in a computer. best hosting I use is hostchilly and hostgator
  3. Install WordPress to your hosting
    first of all, you need to contact your hosting provider they will easily setup your WordPress or you can simply do this itself.
Now, I think you have installed WordPress successfully. Let me tell you the things you should have to move to WordPress.

Things you should have before moving to wordpress

  1. Backup of your blogger blog
    yes, you have to create a backup file of your blogger blog. If you don't know how to create a backup of your blogger blog then follow these steps-
    step 1- go to your blogger dashboard and then settings.
    step 2- setting>>other
    step 3- Back up content>>save to your computer.
    step 4- you have successfully downloaded your back up.

  1. Blogger importer tool
    you need to install this tool in your WordPress please read next steps.
    step 1- go to your WordPress dashboard using your username and password (provided from hosting company).
    step 2- Tools>>available tools.
    step 3- now you can see the option for blogger, click to install and then click on the run importer.
    step 4- now on the next page you have to choose the backup file we have downloaded from our blogger dashboard.
    step 5- after uploading the backup file, click on Upload and Import.
    step 6- now you have to type the author name of the blog, click on submit.
How to Move From Blogger to WP, blogspot
How to Move From Blogger to WP
Click on categories and tags converter

How to Move From Blogger to WP, blogspot
How to Move From Blogger to WP

Install run and upload file
step 7- Cheers… your blogger blog is now moved to WordPress.

Note: you have to change your URL to as your blogger URL so that the site doesn't occur any redirection error.

So, are you satisfied with this article, we have fully explained how to move blogger to WordPress but still have queries? No worry, let me know the problem, comment down your every question, we will try to reply asap.

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APDCL Exam Answer key | Post Office Cum Field Assistant On 28 April 2019


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Today 28th April 2019 APDCL exam in Assam for the post of OFFICE CUM FIELD ASSISTANT conducted through offline mode. The question paper was moderate.

We know many candidates are keen to know the Right answer to their Examination. For this, many candidates do lots of search on google and asking their friends to match the answer key.

So we felt this answer key would be helpful to our Examinees.
In this post you got the Answer of today examination Paper, Let me know the answer key of today examination.

Remember, This is an unofficial answer key, we collect answer from various source like Google search, Our Intellectual, Experts, etc.

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Jane Mobile Radiation | Know About Mobile Radiation

Radiation, Rediation defination

Generally, Ham mobile kharidte waqt uska Camera, Ram, Storage, Processor, Battery etc ko dekhte hain. Lekin kya Aapne kabhi Radiation ko dhayan me rakhkar Mobile phone kharida hain.

Mobile Radiation kahi bana de na Bimar

Kyuki 1 Nishchit manak (level) se adhik Radiation karne wale mobile Aapko bimar bana sakte hain.

Aaiye jante hain kya hain mobile Radiation or es'se kaise bacha ja sakta hain.
Kahi Aapka mobile dhire-dhire aapko bimar to nahi bana raha hain.

Yeh bat esliye kyuki kuch most popular mobile  me limit se jyada Radiation nikalne ka Report samne aai hain.
Radiation, Radiation defination
Mobile Radiation

Kya kahti hain Report :

Germany ke "Federal Office of Radiation Protection" ki report ke Aakro ke Aadhar par Radiation failane bale 16 Smartphone ki jo list jari ki hain.

Esme, popular company ke mobile samil hain. Es list me Xiaomi, One plus one, Htc, Google, Apple, ZTE or Sony jaisi brand ke name samil hain. Halaki ye Research Germany me hui hain jaha SAR ki level 2 watt per kilogram hain, Jabki india me 1.60 watts per kilogram hain.

Alag-Alag country me companies alag model launch karti hain, esliye report me jari kiye gaye facts puri tarah india par lagu nahi hota hain.

Kya Hain Mobile Radiation? : What is Mobile Radiation?

Radio frequency Radiation electromagnetic Radiation ka hi ak prakar hain. Electromagnetic Radiation 2 tarah ki hoti hain.

Ionizing (e.g., x- rays, cosmic rays) Aur Non- ionizing (e.g., radio frequency and extremely low frequency).

Mobile phone radiation ko non-ionizing category me rakha gaya hain. Non-ionizing radiation different types ke Electromagnetic Radiation ko darsata hain. yeh Anuwo ko Aaynit nahi karta hain.

Jo kahi Adhik Hanikarak Radiation paida kar sakta hain. Mobile phone ke badhte estemal, sarir se nazdigi aur badhti sankhya  ki wajah se mobile radiation khatarnak sabit ho sakta hain.

Kitna nuksan dayak hain Radiation :

Radiation, Radiation defination
Radiation effects

Mobile phone se nikalne bale Radiation se kitna nuksan hota hain ? Es par lagatar Research ho raha hain. 2010 me WHO (world health organization) ki ak research me khulasa hua tha ki mobile radiation se cancer tak hone ka khatra hota hain.

Research me aesa Bhi samne aa chuka hain ki agar Aap 50 minutes tak lagatar ak mobile phone ko estemal karte hain, to ye Aapke dimag ke cells ko nuksan kar sakta hain.
Research ka man'na hain ki phone se nikalne bala radiation sperm ke liye bhi Nuksan dayak hain. Aur yeh infertility ka karan ho sakta hain.

Central European Journal of Urology dwara 2014 me kiye ak research me paya gaya ki jo log apne phone ko lambe samay tak samne ki pocket me rakha, unme sperm ki sankhya kam thi.

Kya hain Radiation ka Math : SAR yani ( Specific Absorption Rate ) mobile se nikalne bale Radiation ko pata karne ka ak aasan tarika hain. Har mobile phone ka SAR value hota hain.

Phone kitna Radiation jhel sakta hain, jo saris ke liye nuksan dayak na ho. Jis mobile ki SAR sankhya jitni adhik hogi, who sarir (body) ke liye utna hi nuksan dayak hoga.

Ministery of Communication ke Specific Absorbation Rate ke mutabik, Bharat me kisi bhi smart phone, Tablet, ya dusre smart device ka Radiation 1.6 watt per kilogram se adhik nahi hona chahiye.

Body se 1.5 c.m ki duri par bhi ye niyam lagu hota hain. Waise kai countries me SAR level 2 watt per kilogram hain. Yadi phone par bat karte hue ya pocket me rakhe hue aapka device Radiation ki level ko par karta hain to ye khatarnak hain.

Kaise check kare Mobile Phone ka Radiation :

Radiation, Radiation defination
Radiation check

Agar Aap apne mobile phone ke Radiation ko check karna chahte hain, to mobile se *#07# dial kare. Ye number dial karte hi mobile screen par Radiation se related information aa jayegi.

Esme 2 tarah ki Radiation ke level ko dikhaya jata hain e.g., 1). Head: Yani phone pe bat karte hue Mobile Radiation ka level kya hain. or 2). Body: Yani phone ka estemal karte hue ya pocket me rakhe hue Radiation ka level kya hain.

India me Radiation ka jo level rakha gaya hain, agar uske dhayan me rakhkar mobile companies mobile banaye to es’se kisi ko koi nuksan nahi hoga.

How to save us from Radiation?

Radiation Se Bachna Hain To Apnaye Ye Tarike :

1. Phone ko charge pe lagakar kabhi bat na kare. Es samay kai bar Mobile Radiation kai guna badh jata hain.

2. Signal kam hone pe ya battery discharge hone par call na kare, es samay bhi Radiation level badh jata hain.

3. Jyada samay tak Phone call karne ke liye Headphone ya Earphone ka estemal kare, es’se body par radiation ka effect kam hoga.

4. Mobile ka estemal karte hain to eske sath protective case ka upyog kare, Bazar me es tarah ke case mil jayenge jo direct eske effect ko kam kar sakta hain.

5. Radiation kam karne ke liye apne phone ke sath Anti-Radiation shield ka estemal bhi kar sakte hain.

6. Phone ko sarir (body) se jitna dur rakhenge, utna accha hain aapke liye.

7. Phone ko dil (heart) ke paas bali pocket ya Paint ke pocket me na rakhe.

Conclusion : Friends, Es post ke madhyam se hamne aapko Mobile Radiation or Es’se hone wali nuksan ke bare me bataya hain sath hi Aap mobile phone or bhi smart devices ko kis tarah use kare taki Radiation se bach sake ese bhi batane ki korsis ki hain. Um’mid karte hain aapko ye post pasand aayegi, pasand aane se kirpya apne friends ke sath share kare or koi query ya suggestion ho to comment box me likhe.

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How to clear APSC CCE GS (Prelim) - Paper

How to clear APSC CCE GS (Prelim)

apsc syllabus

Assam and Northeast India is an integral section of various exams conducted by the APSC. Regular and substantial number of questions from this section is asked in the exams conducted in the APSC as aspirants are expected to be thoroughly aware of their own state.

While the section as a whole seems tedious, proper analysis will help the students see through its pattern and prepare a plan for handling questions from this section.

The maximum number of questions asked in CCE 2018 was from Assam/Northeast with around 23. Out of these, the Literature/Culture portion got the largest share with around 14 questions.

Questions on ‘Ima Keithal’ Hornbill, Cheraw dance, Naam Ghosa, Buranji, Jonaki, Lai Haraoba, Census and two questions on Ankia Nat were asked.

Last year, the focus was on the Culture section as four questions from World Culture/Literature and two questions from Indian Culture were asked.

Difficulty level:

Questions ranged from easy to moderate. A well-prepared candidate could easily answer most of the questions from this section.

Decoding the syllabus:
apsc syllabus
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(Assam/NE based questions)

Geography/Environment: is one of the major topics within the Assam/Northeast segment. Almost every year, on average, four questions are asked from these sections. Topics like National parks, transport, and communication, waterways, ridges, national highway are important.

History: is another important topic. Ahom history, other rulers of Assam, role of Assam in Indian National Movement, history of modern Assam and the neighboring states are crucial topics.

Literature/Culture: A good number of questions are asked every year from this section. Also in 2018, this section attracted the highest number of questions. Some important topics are Historical developments regarding the literature of the region, renowned writers and their books, literary awards and traditional cultures of the local tribes in Northeast India.

Current Affairs: with respect to Assam, includes topics like awards schemes, persons in the news, movies, books, etc.

Polity: Indian Polity, Political system in India.

Economy deals with topics like industries, hydropower plants, oil, petroleum and other minerals, handicrafts, macro-economic statistics, census, and demographic facts etc.

Preparation strategy: How to Prepared for APSC CCE Prelim GS Paper?

1. First, go through the previous years’ (preferably 10 years) question papers thoroughly.

2. Prioritize your preparation based on the importance of the topics. First complete Assam history and literature before targeting the economy, polity, and geography. It will benefit you better because as per previous trends, history and literature carry the highest weightage.

3. Make your own revision notes.

4. Refer to Assam and Northeast maps while studying geography and use photographs while studying culture, wherever available.

Sources: Reference Book

1. A History of Assam by Sir Edward Gait/The History of Assam by P N Dutta

2. A Comprehensive History of Assam by S L Baruah (for the portion on Ahom history)

3. Assam yearbook

4. State Budget and Economic survey

5. Assam Geography by Taher and Ahmed/North East Geography by Taher and Ahmed

6. Read an Assam-based daily newspaper like The Assam Tribune.

Conclusion: Today, Through this article I try to tell you how to prepare for APSC 2019 CCE prelim for GS paper. I think you follow a proper plan then you will definetly successfully crack this examination easily. Hope, this article will help you if any query and suggession then comment me.


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Five Books Every Aspiring Entrepreneur Should Read

Five Books Every Aspiring Entrepreneur Should Read
Five Books Every Aspiring Entrepreneur Should Read
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Books are one of the medium used for sharing revolutionary ideas, great thoughts or stories of success and failure. They are an invaluable source of knowledge and help us with solutions to all our problems.

Entrepreneurs too can benefit from reading books as it not only motivates them to reach greater heights but also warns them against the possible risks in their journey.

If you aspire to join the ranks of wealthy entrepreneurs, reading is an invaluable skill. Books lead us into new ways of thinking, help us push through the tough times, and teach us how to become successful business men and women.
Five Books Every Aspiring Entrepreneur Should Read
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Hence, we have come up with a list of five books which every aspiring entrepreneur must read:

1. The Fire Starter Sessions (Danielle LaPorte)

If you’ve been waiting for the go–ahead to pursue your next project, help is here! LaPorte doles out 16 beautifully designed session, full of motivated goodness. Nothing
Preachy or perfectionist about it, but don’t be fooled: her passion will grab you by the shoulders and shake action out of you.

Personal tales give the sessions texture and make LaPorte seem so relatable you’ll forget you’re not actually friends, self-help meets marketing ninja, this is definitely one to read and re-read.

2. The $100 Startup (Chris Guillebeau)

As it turn out, you don’t have to have a trust-fund, have a business loan looming over your head, or just be plain lucky to start your very own enterprise. Guillebeau gives rousing examples of somewhat-accidental entrepreneurs making success out of strife, opportunity, and circumstances – mostly by turning a passion or hobby into something that can be profitable, and always by starting for less than most of us can imagine.
He doesn’t necessarily encourage every baker to open a large-scale bakery, but he does promote creative thinking about how you can leverage a natural talent or long-loved activity into a business model.

3. The 7 Day Startup (Dan Norris)

If you have a conversation with a friend about your business idea this month, and next month you are having the same conversation, you are a “wantrepreneur”. Aspiring entrepreneurs who wait for a long time to establish themselves in the market must read

The 7 Day startup by Dan Norris, which explains how he build a successful small business startup from scratch in seven days – which then grew into cover $400000 annual recurring revenue in a short period of time. After reading this book, the reader will learn about choosing a proper business name, building a website in one day under $100 (roughly Rs. 7000) and proven ways to market business quickly.

4. How to win Friends and influence People (Dale Carnegie)

When it come to personal development, nobody quite succeeds as eloquently as Dale Carnegie. This book breaks down the game of life in astounding details, admitting the simple truths many of us don’t want to acknowledge – for example, “People do business with their friends.”

He instructs in careful detail how to become more likeable and the value of prioritizing the interpersonal element of business. The reason this book has remained relevant for so long and cemented itself as a classic is because it relates to so much more than just business. This book will make you a better person.

5. Mastery (Robert Greene)

Success isn’t about what you know; it’s about who you are. Take a true leader from any industry and he or she could find a way to succeed in any other. Why? Because the traits necessary for success aren’t limited by college degrees and don’t vary across industries.
Mastery will teach you what these traits are how many you have yourself, and how to develop those you lack. And once you master Yourself, the rest is easy: You can master any industry or any market.

Conclusion: Friends, this article is written for the help of people who really think like to become a Entrepreneur. These books help you to gain vast knowledge in every field specially related to business area.

For any query and suggession comment me.


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CTET 2019 - Latest Notification

Good News for Jobseeker CTET 2019 notification rollout today, Once again hope for many candidates who were not qualified CTET 2018. In my earlier post, I told you How to download your CTET result 2018

This time exam will be conducted in July month and aspiring candidates can apply from 5th Feb to CTET official website According to CTET 2019 official website candidates can apply till 5th March 2019. So desiring candidates should be applied as soon as possible because at the last moment server goes down, for this reason, earlier applying is Best.
CTET 2019
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Application Fees: CTET - JULY 2019
FOR GEN/OBC: Rs. 700 (paper 1)
FOR GEN/OBC: Rs. 1200 (both paper 1 and paper 2)

SC/ST: Rs. 350 ( for paper 1) and Rs. 600 ( for both paper 1 and 2)

Important date for CTET 2019
Online Application date start from 05-02-2019
Last date for online application: 05-03-2019

Last date for submission of fee: 08-03-2019

Date of Examination conduct: 07-07-2019

For your information, NCTE allowed CTET (Central Teacher Eligibility Test) certificate validity for 7 years. Candidates who want to be a teacher for class 1 to 5 then they need to qualify PAPER 1 and if they want to be a teacher for class 6 to 8 then they need to qualify PAPER 2. 

How to apply CTET 2019? 

  • Go to CTET 2019 official website
  • Click on the Apply button on the website.
  • Fill your application form and click submit
  • Note your Registration/Application number for future use.
  • Now, Scan your photo and signature and upload them.
  • Now, pay application fees.
  • After completion of all process then print out your Registration form.

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How to download Ctet Marksheet and Certificate - Dec 2018

Hello, Friends, This post is only for CTET Candidates, Who were giving examination in Dec 2018. Many of us waiting for CTET Marksheet and Certificate but this is to inform you that CBSEC has already provided a Platform to download Marksheet and Certified every candidate.
In this process, you Should have to a DigiLocker Account through this Account you got your Marksheet and Certificate.
How to download Ctet Marksheet and Certificate - Dec 2018
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Here are the steps to Download

For Android User

1. First of all,  download Digilocker app from Play store.

2. There is need to Sign in if not have Digilocker account then Sign up and create a Digilocker account.

3. Remember one thing that, You should create your digilocker account with the same Mobile number which was given in the CTET form.

3. After that, You got an interface there is need to select Issued Option.


5. When you got many options than just select Central Board Of Secondary Education, Delhi.

6. Then select Teacher's Eligibility Test Mark Sheet

7. Enter Your Ctet Roll No....... and select Month and Year of giving Examination.

8. Now You can View your Certificate and Marksheet.

Note: Certificate will get only those candidates who secured 60 per number in GEN category or 55 per in SC, OBC, ST categories. 

For PC users

1. First of all, go to

2. Login Digilocker account if not have an account then just Sign up and create a new account.

3. Now You can see GET MORE NOW Option just click on it.

4. There is a box appeared just search Central Board Of Secondary Education, Delhi in the Partner name.

5. In document type, you need to select Teacher's Eligibility Test Mark Sheet.

6. Now Enter Your Ctet Roll No....... and select Month and Year of giving Examination i.e, Dec 2018.

7. Click Get Document and you can see your Marksheet and Certificate there.

8. If you desire then you can download and Print Out this documents.

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